The terrifying truth that Canadians must know!

The terrifying truth that Canadians must know!

July 06, 2018

Canadians must know the truth!


If you live in Canada, you're in serious danger.

Ever since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, there was a law in place making it illegal for any journalist to report on what is happening with the leaking plant at Fukushima Daiichi.

Up to 10 years in prison is on the menu for anyone caught whistleblowing!

In Japan itself, a massive cover-up has been ordained and the government consistently claims everything is fine, there is no danger.

And yet, Canada, especially Western Canada, is being affected by the daily spill of 3000 tons of radioactivity into the Pacific Ocean.

A monstrous amount of the food in the West Coast is contaminated by radiation!

In Britain, the press has already warned the public about radioactive food entering supermarkets.

But how can this contaminated food even get into the supermarket chains?

Aren't they 100% honest with their customers? Don't they verify everything for radioactivity before it goes on the shelves?

Unfortunately, if that were true, all of your local supermarkets would have been already bankrupt.

This information is easy to locate as long as you don't look for it on your television or in your daily newspaper where they silence the truth so the public won't panic and companies won't bankrupt.

That's why they've stopped reporting on it. And even if it was tested, time restraints would prevent them from testing every single product received.

The problem with radioactivity is that it's like a deadly virus it is totally INVISIBLE. Human beings tend to believe they are safe when they cannot physically see anything that may present them with danger.

1. Can you see it?
2. Can you smell it?
3. Can you touch it?
4. Can you taste it?
5. Can you hear it?

No, you can't. But it's everywhere in Canada and you're in danger.



Our SOEKS products won't cure you if you're already been poisoned by radioactivity, nitrates or EMFs (which is very likely for the average Canadians) but it will save you by now on.

Our SOEKS products will render visible radiation, nitrates, and EMFs. This will inform you when you're in a supermarket.
 All you need to do is hold the device over the packaging of the food product and run a test. We hope that it will always tell you the contents are safe but if it tells you they aren't, just put them back on the shelf and move on.

"But Canada's safe... that's what the media tells me!":

Looking at the concentration of nuclear reactors on the map would indicate that a lot of the country's population are in direct line of fire should anything happen.

Canada has a lot of power plants for its such small population. In the event of a minor accident at any one of these reactors, people up to a 50 km radius are at fatal risk.

Telling It Like It is:

You may or not be aware that the Russian government has been at the forefront of the battle against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) and have banned the import of fruits, vegetables, and grain products containing them.

Nonetheless, in a recent parliamentary meeting, while discussing insufficient supplies from local agriculture and resulting food imports, Liberal Democratic party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky pointed out that the entire country's population was being poisoned by nitrates.

Zhirinovsky went on to say that after using our SOEKS product to check fruits imported from Poland, Argentina, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands, high nitrate concentrations were revealed, and he urged the Russian public to get OUR NITRATE TESTERS and verify everything they purchase prior to consumption because the services that are supposed to check food quality would not do it.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister, agreed to add that more attention should be given to what we place on our table.

Electro-Magnetic Field Radiation:

Sadly, the human body can be influenced by artificial electromagnetic radiation, sometimes referred to as electro-smog.

Typical sources of such radiation are WiFi, smartphones, DECT phones, induction hobs, microwave ovens, televisions, fluorescent lighting, amongst many others.

An international workgroup of leading scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals known as the BioInitiative Group sounded the alarm in 2007 when their BioInitiative Report concluded that existing standards for public safety are completely inadequate.

Their report included studies providing evidence that EMF's:

- Affect gene and protein expression
- Have genotoxic effects (RFR and ELF DNA damage)
- Negatively affect immune function
- Promote neurobehavioral disorders
- Impact melatonin production (leading to Alzheimer's disease)
- Promote breast cancer
- Cause Leukemia in children
- Promote memory loss and impaired brain function

The simplest method of avoiding excessive exposure to EMF's is to keep your distance from their source, and this should be particularly underlined where children are concerned.

Scanning your home with any SOEKS EMF Indicator will reveal where the EMF's are strongest which will allow you to reduce exposure by distancing yourself from the source or by moving the latter away from you. If purchasing a home, scanning it for EMF's will assist you in identifying potential sources of danger such as poorly shielded cabling, often hidden in walls.


The recommended daily nitrate intake limit for adults is between 200 to 300 mg/kg, however, only 10 to 50 mg/kg is already considered harmful to children.

For example, 10 mg/kg is the maximum a baby should ingest whereas a child up to the age of 14 years would be best advised not to exceed 50 mg/kg, and don't forget these are daily limits.

A few years ago, following ever-increasing use of pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture, some members of the public began questioning the health aspects of what they were consuming.

After all, you do not need a scientific degree to realize that toxic chemicals and nitrates are incompatible with both human and animal organisms.

This resulted in the birth of organic alternatives. Health food shops and stores became a widespread phenomenon as more and more people became aware of the detrimental effects to their health from the consumption of foodstuffs found on supermarket shelves.

At first, only 5% to 10% of their shelves were devoted to healthier foods however they soon realized that the public was prepared to pay more for organically grown products which translated into increased profits.
At the time of writing, some supermarkets are now devoting as much as 30% of their entire floor space to organic products.

Hence, that means 70% of the food is poisoned but cheap.  In other words, if we are not buying organic produce, we are unconsciously poisoning ourselves.

This is one of the key reasons why SOEKS manufacture 4 devices that can expose the level of nitrate toxicity contained in the target food product.

To verify the amount of nitrate in a product, you will simply need to pierce the product with the probe located at the base of the device.

Unlike outdated devices that have a needle to itemize food products in combined groups, our SOEKS products are pre-programmed with the MPC (maximum permissible concentration) for each specific product.
Simply switch the device on, choose a product from the list, and instantly view the results.

The exact amount of nitrate content in the analyzed product will be displayed, in addition to recommendations on suitability for consumption:

“Normal Nitrate Concentration” - Safe
“Insignificant Excess of Standard” - Reasonably safe
“Significant Excess of Standard” - Best to avoid
“Dangerous Concentration of Nitrates” - DO NOT EAT



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