Frequently asked questions:
Do you sell brand new phones or refurbished ones?
We only sell authentic, brand new, sealed box and unlocked phones.

What is the warranty?
The warranty is 30 days from our store and 1 year from the phone's manufacturer. You can also purchase a 1-year warranty from us for just 165$.
For more information, please read our terms of use 3.0
What is a VIP Package?
VIP Package is a great way to earn awesome benefits for your item. The VIP Package includes:
- 3 Months of Free Warranty from our store
          -  We ship the item within 3-5 days after purchase
-We include a free accessory for the device

You will find the option to get the VIP Package in the item's menu. If it's not there, then, unfortunately, the VIP Package does not work for that device.

How long will it take me to receive my order?
On average, it takes within 4 to 10 days. It depends on the phone and the shipping method chosen.
To see how long it'll take, put the phone of your choice in the cart and it'll indicate the time.
Do the phones work with Canadian carriers?
All of our phones work with all Canadian carriers except Freedom mobile.
Are the taxes included in the price shown on the site?
No, the prices are not included in the price. It will show the total cost during the checkout.
Do you have a physical store where I can pick up a phone?
No, we used to have one but it's closed now. You can only purchase online.

Why are the prices so cheap?
Our prices are normal. Other companies, especially retailers, sell the phones for an expensive price for no reasons.

Can I return my item if I don't want it anymore?
You have 7 days starting the date of dispatch to return it in as new condition with full packaging and documentation.
Will the phone work in other countries?
Our phones will work everywhere. 
What are the outcomes if I want to cancel my order?
You can only cancel the order before it was shipped out.
You will receive your refund within 7-10 Business Days after the cancellation.
Where are you located?
Our HQ is in Montreal, Canada.

Haven't found an answer to your question? Contact us.